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No More Christmas Breaks

“Hey how’s your portfolio coming?” “That’s not your final portfolio is it?” “Where are you looking to work?” These were common questions circulating the 5th Year Studios after Christmas Break at Kansas State University this past January. Oh, how the time had flown! All we had to do before graduation and final presentations was finish portfolios, update LinkedIn profiles, and pester principals across the country to give us interviews and hopefully jobs.

Throughout my post-grad summer, I spent time hanging with family and friends, playing golf, and occasionally applying for jobs. I was certainly enjoying my time off, but towards the end of July I knew it was time to take my job search seriously. After many emails, calls and hoping for the right opportunity, I got offered a full-time position at Lawrence Group. Everything I’d worked so hard for was validated at that moment, and I knew I was in for a great start to my career.

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Fast forward several months, and I’m really enjoying being a part of Lawrence Group. It’s starting to actually hit me that I won’t be going back to school or on break for a month, but I’m enjoying full-time employment and the paydays. One thing that stands out to me at Lawrence Group is the great mix of young and old professionals. The older employees have experienced a lot such as long nights before deadlines, power outages, or even clients changing their minds days before 100% CDs. They can relate to many issues and offer solutions to almost every problem. On the flip side, the younger crowd brings a fresh outlook, an updated knowledge of programs like Revit or Photoshop, and extra enthusiasm to company softball. This makes for a dynamic where you can learn from everyone around you at any moment.

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Another great aspect of Lawrence Group is the Kansas State University/University of Kansas dynamic. Three of our founders, Steve Smith, David Ohlemeyer, and Paul Doerner, graduated from KU-thus the name Lawrence Group. Many KSU/KU alum have found their way to Lawrence Group since then. It makes coming from KSU to Lawrence Group an immediate talking point among new co-workers who share similar sentiments toward college experiences. This relationship between KSU and the other school from Kansas creates a fun, friendly rivalry in the workplace.

The work we do at Lawrence Group is something I have truly come to appreciate. The overall craft of a project inspires me every day. In my time here, I have worked on the new Stifel Headquarters, an inspiration image for a hotel, an office building at Wash. U., senior living rehab facilities, a new Warby Parker, and even an Equinox Gym. It’s the experience across markets that makes coming to work every day so rewarding. While I’m only working on a couple of projects at a time, I know throughout the office we’re working on successful projects across the country.

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I don’t know where my career will eventually take me, but every day I come to work I know I’m part of a great firm. It’s refreshing to see everyone around me still enjoying what they do and having fun along the way. One day I’ll be five years into my career before I even blink an eye and in their shoes helping out a recent grad model something in Revit.


Brandon Eversgerd