September 2016

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Sun Theater – Revisited – Part 2


Hello again. This is Part 2 in the highlight of the Sun Theater Historical Restoration. Part 1 can be read here; if you need to catch up, I will wait.

Ok, so now that everyone is all caught up on Part 1. We left off with plaster pieces being extracted from their molds and the site was being prepared for the new pieces to be installed.

So this is what the “dancefloor” on top of the scaffolding looks like. Much of the main structure of the plaster has been repaired and brown-coated. They have a few more coats of finished plaster to install before it is ready to receive the new pieces made off site though. (more…)

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“I’m not really a fan of parks. Very noisy, barbeque smell all of the time.” – Parks and Rec TV show

If you were asked about the places of note in St. Louis, what places would first come to mind? Some people might automatically conjure images of the Old Courthouse, Busch Stadium, or City Museum. Others may consider iconic structures such as the Wainwright Building, the Gateway Arch, or the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis. I would venture to say that few people would suggest our St. Louis parks as notable places in the city. But they are! If you look at a map of the city, it is speckled with green space, most of which is kept up and regulated by the city. In fact, St. Louis boasts over 100 parks to its 62 square miles – almost two parks for each square mile.

I took an afternoon and drove through the southeast part of St. Louis to get familiar with some of the parks and what features made each one unique. I started with Lindenwood Park, which is approximately three blocks by two blocks of space located near Maplewood. The park is pristinely manicured, like most green spaces in this part of town, but lacked tree coverage. In fact, its sign names it the “Sunshine Garden,” but all the same, it could be a scorcher on a sunny day! It contains a jungle gym for children of all ages, several soccer fields and – wait for it – a skating rink.