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A Week Down South

I have always loved being from St. Louis and have always had a lot of civic pride in the city I live in. I have been fortunate enough to live in Kansas City, Missouri and Manhattan, Kansas for school, and travel various places throughout the country, but rarely have I ever made it “down South.” That all changed when I got asked to visit and work in Lawrence Group’s Charlotte office for a week.

The office had a deadline for a new recreation complex and needed some help. I was happy to make the trip and get some valuable experience at another Lawrence Group office. It was easy to sense that southern charm in the small town of Davidson, about 20 miles outside of Charlotte, immediately upon arrival. Shortly thereafter, I got oriented on the project, and we got to work. Over the next week, I worked closely with Dave Malushizky, principal, and Jackie Paulsmeyer, designer, on the project as we hashed out things from reflected ceiling plans to window and door details to interior and exterior elevations.


Even though I was 700 miles from the headquarters office in St. Louis, it was easy to sense the Lawrence Group culture was well established in Davidson. Dave seemed to know everyone in the small town, and he was a very gracious host for the week — taking me out to dinner for some live music and pointing me in the right direction of some great local eateries. Jacky was also very helpful and welcoming, guiding me through the project and offering her advice and suggestions on how best to spend my free time during the week. It made the transition for the week relatively seamless and allowed us to get the most out of a packed work week.


I am still only a year and a half removed from graduation and constantly refining my abilities in the workplace, so a trip like this one does wonders for how I see the professional world and the architecture field. It is something I piece together every day, and having an experience to go work in another office for a week will go a long way in helping me understand the profession and become the best professional I can be.



Brandon Eversgerd