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5 Social Media Best Practices for the AEC Industry

The social media scene is ever evolving. New platforms are popping up rapidly, while others are becoming obsolete. With so many channels to choose from, learn about and keep up with, social media strategy has the potential to be a real headache for digital marketers in the AEC industry, an industry changing almost as rapidly as the tools with which we market those services. Here are five best practices I think can help you make the most of your firm’s time spent on social media marketing.

Don’t Overdo It

There are so many best practices tailored to each social media platform, and while you may have a clear understanding and ability to implement your strategy within those best practices, you have to know where your audience is and make the best use of that platform to serve them. Spreading your content and resources over tons of platforms leads to a weak message overall. Take the time to know the platforms that are most worth your time and focus on those to give your audience richer, more valuable content.

Keep Self-Promotion to a Minimum

Social media is about giving your audience of potential clients a glimpse into the heart and soul of your company. If a reader has found their way to your social media profiles, they likely passed through your website. They know what services you offer; now show them the people and the culture behind the work you do. Show collaboration. Show creativity. Show the moments cherished by your employees.

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Inspire (and Be Inspired)

Digital marketing should be about offering something of value to your audience and giving them a reason to come back. Self-promotion won’t be the hook that keeps readers returning to your page, but inspiration will. One of the best ways to develop content that inspires your audience is to follow other leaders who inspire you. You’ll gain inspiration by tuning into their feeds and, as a bonus, you’ll likely increase your audience base as well.

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Embrace SEO

SEO is a win-win tactic to include in your social media strategy. For those who may not know, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. In summary, SEO strategies can be implemented to help users find your content with ease, leading to more traffic to your profiles and website. Win-win.

Easy ways to increase SEO on social media:

  • Make sure you include a working link to your website on all of our social media profiles. Not only will this help increase SEO, but most people expect to see a link to your home website in your bio, so this is the most user-friendly way to make your profile easy to navigate.
  • Use hashtags! Hashtags are a simple way to get your content into a mix of categories that people are searching for. Here’s a good get-started guide to using hashtags:

Build Relationships Through Engagements

To build relationships with past or potential clients through social media, be ready to engage and jump into the conversation. Again, don’t be self-promotional in your online engagements. Find a topic of mutual interest and see what you can learn from each other or dig deeper into an industry trend. This can help strengthen your online relationship with clients and others within your industry, and in turn help establish you as a credible thought leader, or at least as a credible trend explorer.

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Best practices vary from platform to platform and from industry to industry. Be sure to dive deep into your strategy for each platform you choose to implement. These best practices should be a good kick off point to steer your social strategy in the right direction. Happy tweeting!



Claire Strube