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Four Tips for a Fun Social Media Launch Party

Lawrence Group recently launched its Instagram account and celebrated with a company launch party to get people excited and on board to share their behind-the-scenes project details, silly moments and an overall glimpse into what makes the culture and work of Lawrence Group unique. Our team threw a space-themed launch party for the start of our blog in 2015, and we wanted to top the level of excitement among employees for our second go-around. The “InstaParty” successfully launched our new Instagram account. Here are some tips I recommend for marketing teams looking to boost internal excitement and engagement when it comes to new social media for their company:

Decide on a relevant theme.

Not only are themed parties fun, but developing a theme before diving into planning will make the process easier by giving a clear direction for all the party needs: invites, décor, food, activities and prizes. For our InstaParty, we decided on a “Throwback Thursday” theme. This theme worked perfectly for our Instagram party because it was relevant to the social media platform and inclusive of all party attendees which included 90s kids who joined Lawrence Group straight out of school and some veterans of the firm who would appreciate the charm of the 70s and 80s-themed props. Who doesn’t love a good blast from the past?


Food, food, food and drinks!

If there is anything I have learned about work parties, it is that if there is food, people will come. With our theme as our guide, we put together a spread of throwback goodies including Easy Cheese, graham cracker treats in the shape of the original Instagram logo, hashtag cupcakes, Capri Suns, Ring Pops, animal crackers and Cracker Jacks. To ensure there was plenty to go around and keep our coworkers happy, we supplemented our on-theme food with staples such as cheese and crackers and chips and dips.

Animal Crackers, Ringpops, Cracker Jacks  Instagrahms and Cupcakes  Capri Sun

Have a little fun.

Make sure your theme extends to your party’s activities. We wanted to make sure there were plenty of on-theme games and activities to keep our guests entertained, and nothing screams throwback party like a 70s, 80s, and 90s photo booth complete with a polaroid-esque frame. We also broke out our Bop It, Rubik’s Cube and Simon Says games. Our attendees got a kick out of seeing these games again after so long, and some got a little competitive (friendly competition, of course).

IMG_9947  kelly and rawan 2  IMG_9949 

Encourage engagement.

Leading up to our launch party, we hosted a contest to have one of our employees’ photos featured as our official first post on Instagram. A panel of judges chose the winning photo, which we revealed at the InstaParty. The winner was awarded a very on-theme prize: a bright green Fuji Instax Mini. All of the submissions were then displayed at the launch party for people to “like” with heart stickers. The photographer of the most-liked, “People’s Choice” photo was recognized with some candy goodies and a gift card. Not only did our contests get people excited about the launch of Instagram and our first post, they encouraged employees to submit and show off their photos on Lawrence Group’s Instagram in the future.

IMG_1022  Vote for Fave Photo  IMG_9925

The tips above have proven to be successful guides for our launch parties, but even with all the details mapped out to a T, the key to any successful party is really the people. Revealing the unique culture and people of Lawrence Group has always been one of our main goals with social media marketing, so encouraging and empowering the people of Lawrence Group to join in on our newest social media was the true fuel behind our party. We look forward to continuing to share snapshots of our people and recent projects on Instagram, so stay tuned!





Claire Strube