November 2017

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Rise in the City: A Unique Blend of Creativity and Altruism

rise in the city is a unique art event created to catalyze social enterprises in Africa, featuring an artwork competition, exhibition and auction. The concept began with splitting Manhattan into 100 virtual blocks; leading artists, designers and architects were then invited to create a work of art representing a block of the city. The challenge was to get inspired by Lesotho. One could reference the white, blue and green colors of its national flag, incorporate the traditional blankets or famous Basotho hat, or even re-interpret the traditional Litema patterns that adorn Lesotho’s vernacular buildings. All proceeds from the event go towards the construction of an accommodation block for an orphanage in Lesotho. Additionally, proceeds will fund entrepreneurship training for orphanage staff to promote the development of income-generating activities and reduce aid dependency.


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Lawrence Group People

Each month we are highlighting three of our employees by having them share everything from their personal motto to their favorite architect to what’s on their bucket list. We are hoping this gives you a glimpse into the people of Lawrence Group.

Micki Beucke
With Lawrence Group since 2004

Favorite Pastime
I like to cook (and eat!)

Personal Motto
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

On My Bucket List
To design my own house and live in it.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
The ability to be who you want to be within the organization.


Danielle Krueger
With Lawrence Group since 2012

Favorite Pastime
Music and more music. Love (almost) everything – from Reggae to EDM to Blues to Classic Rock.

Traveling – experiencing new cities, cultures, people, and ways of life.

On My Bucket List
Go scuba diving with sharks.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
The people and our hand in this city and community.


Becky Egan
With Lawrence Group since 2000

Most Proud Of
My two boys, Kieran (14) and Cameron (11) who help me see the world through their eyes.

Personal Motto
“If you always do what you always have done, the results will never change.”

On My Bucket List
My favorite past time is traveling to new destinations to see different cultures, experience their food, way of living, architecture, artwork, and history. So, the #1 thing on my bucket list is to travel with my family to all of the continents of the world. Two down, five to go.

Favorite Thing About Lawrence Group
I love that LG contributes to making a positive difference in St. Louis and our region. It’s inspirational and very cool to take projects (everything from hospital lobbies, corporate offices, to forgotten properties) and to see them be transformed into spaces that have new life and lift the human spirit. I also love the strength and depth of our design team and the open-door (all for one/one for all) culture that promotes sharing ideas and helping each other when questions arise or we have deadlines.