February 2018

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ReDesign to Make it Better

Perennial is a local St. Louis non-profit organization doing some great things. Their mission is to build a creative culture of sustainability by transforming discarded items into valued and cherished resources. Through their mission, they aim to teach people to creatively reuse objects in order to divert waste from landfills, foster thoughtful consumerism and generate revenue to support the underserved. Under this mission Perennial challenged the community of designers, crafters, and local architects to participate in their “ReDesign” Challenge. This annual challenge coincides with their annual “Lost + F(o)und” fundraiser to auction off the completed pieces.

Lawrence Group was up to the challenge. We put together two teams, got our “Lost” objects, and set off to “Find” something great hidden in them. Each team conceptualized, analyzed the materials, and came up with a plan. One of the most fun parts of this challenge was getting to know and collaborate with people from all different areas of the organization that we do not get to work with regularly and put something together with everyone’s unique skills. The objective is to only use the materials that come with the table and put the new item together using only fasteners and tools already owned. (more…)

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Inspire Your Imagination: Dreams Do Come True

One of my favorite quotes that is always in the back of my head when setting a personal goal is “If you can dream it, you can do it.”- Walt Disney.

Having my own photography show was a long lost dream of mine that always got postponed due to everyday struggles. After a very rough year, I decided to share my perspective on inspiration through photography. I started by gathering photos I took since I started my path in photography. After that, I went on a hunt for the right space! I started brainstorming spaces that could bring the design industry together for a fun night full of art and networking and that is when CI Select came to mind. (more…)