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Sun Theater – Revisited – Part 2


Hello again. This is Part 2 in the highlight of the Sun Theater Historical Restoration. Part 1 can be read here; if you need to catch up, I will wait.

Ok, so now that everyone is all caught up on Part 1. We left off with plaster pieces being extracted from their molds and the site was being prepared for the new pieces to be installed.

So this is what the “dancefloor” on top of the scaffolding looks like. Much of the main structure of the plaster has been repaired and brown-coated. They have a few more coats of finished plaster to install before it is ready to receive the new pieces made off site though. (more…)

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Sun Theater – Revisited – Part 1

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Anyone tired of hearing me talk about the Sun Theater Historical Restoration yet? Well tough. But I am going to highlight something that I have not highlighted before. The extensive plaster restoration that took place. This is the most eye popping and jaw dropping part of the restoration (at least that’s what I think!)

Well let’s start with my first visit to the space. Aside from some sunlight coming from a “skylight” (hole in the roof) it was pitch black in the theater. It was clear that the elements had their way for quite some time. We cautiously walked across the stage being careful not to fall through. As we walked into the theater we turned our flashlights on the space and only then did we really understand the magnitude of what we were attempting.


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Welcome to our shiny new blog.

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After many long hours of discussions and deliberation, we here at Lawrence Group have decided to join the modern era of blogging. We looked at the idea of having and maintaining a blog from many different perspectives. How will it aid in achieving our corporate goals? Will this be an additional creative outlet for our staff? Will we be able to share engaging information with our clients? How will it be different? All good questions, and hopefully in the end all things we will strive to achieve.

That being said, WELCOME to our blog. We want to give people a more in-depth look into the world of Lawrence Group. That might include stories related to projects we are currently working on, tips on design or sharing day to day adventures. But rest assured, there will be plenty more to come.